Protein Sponge Cake

An absolutely beautiful recipe, that uses the simplest technique that will make your cake super-fluffy and fill your mouth with sweet fluffy clouds. This sponge cake works perfectly in layered cakes, with cream cheese frosting or other fillings, or simply on its own. You can be as creative with it as you like and make it in a range of flavours by adding cacao powder, matcha tea or coffee to this original recipe.

This sponge cake melts in your mouth, and is a perfect snack, dessert or post-workout pick-me-up. It has all you want in it: packed with protein, full on flavour and keeps you satisfied for ages. I don’t think it can get any better.

Egg whites are a very fragile ingredient. It is important that you whisk them with care and do not overdo it. You cake will not be as fluffy if you whisk the egg whites for too long, and the peaks will disappear. Take extra care if you are extracting the egg whites from the whole egg and make sure that no shell pieces get into the final product. Ingredients: - 170ml Egg whites - 35g Sweetened Protein Powder - 30g Oat Flour - 120g Fat Free Quark - 70ml Soya Milk or Skimmed Milk - Sweetener to taste - 1/4 tsp Xantham Gum and a pinch of salt

Method: Mix all the ingredients, apart from the egg whites, xantham gum and pinch of salt in a bowl and set apart.

Measure out the egg whites and pour them into another mixing bowl, suitable for whisking.

Add the xantham gum and salt to the egg whites and start whisking (best done with an electric whisk). Whisk the eggs until stiff peaks form.

Slowly and gradually mix in the egg whites into the rest of the ingredients. Stir properly so that the egg whites are distributed evenly throughout.

Pour into an oven safe baking dish, lined with baking paper.

Bake in the oven for 20-25 min at 200*C.

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