It is Our Choice to Take Control Now.

We are in control of everything we do in our lives. Every choice we make is our own initiative. We can make a choice that is good for us or a choice that will have negative consequences. It is the same when it comes to Type 1 diabetes management. Taking control of our blood sugars now will benefit us both in the short- and long-term. Complications are scary, and we cannot forget about them.

I always talk about how Type 1 is just as much about our mental health as it is about our physical and blood sugar control. It can be really hard to come to terms with the reality that we need to be disciplined, count carbs and dose insulin all the time. And, some people decide to just avoid dealing with it altogether. That is “hello” to feeling groggy all the time and stressed out from high blood sugars now, and a bouquet of complications later. We can’t just think about complications obsessively and care for ourselves only because we are full of fear, we should put the focus on how we feel in the moment and work for feeling good right now. However, complications are not to be forgotten either.

I recently saw a post about retinopathy that really pulled some strings in me. A girl, quite young, lost one eye after having a capillary massively explode in her eye (blood was coming out of the actual eye), and now is losing the other eye too. It really got me thinking: we can do things right NOW and control our blood sugars NOW to avoid such scary and horrendous experiences later on in life. We can learn about our bodies, change our diet, learn how insulin works to minimise the risk of putting ourselves of our loved ones through experiences like this.

I guess, my point here is that if we do not want something, we will not do it. I did not share that story to scare anyone, I shared it to push you to work hard on yourself and your diabetes. We CAN avoid the complications if we do something about it now!

The good thing is that the power is in our hands. We either reject diabetes and ignore our blood sugar levels, and slowly kill our body, or we take control into our hands and learn to thrive with Type 1. We can’t make Type 1 negative for ourselves. We should focus on feeling well mentally and physically now, and control our blood sugars for that great feeling, not solely for no complications.

The best way to befriend your T1D, control blood sugars and enjoy life is to build a routine that makes you happy and allows you to do the things that you love, be with the people you love. This routine will be personal to everyone. By learning how to control your blood glucose in your routine, you will be able to keep BGs in range most of the time and keep complications as far as possible. This will set you up for a happy, healthy and long life full of smiles and free of complications.

The power is in your hands now. What do you choose?

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