How to stop emotions ruining your T1D control.

Are you consistently pissed off with your blood sugars? Guilty of not doing enough? Tired of the ups and downs?

Guess what? Your frustration is the underlying cause of all your problems. When your emotions kick in, you are absolutely unable to make good logical decisions for corrections and hypo treatments.

You need to have strategies, almost like habits in place, that will not allow your emotions to mess with your decisions:

- Have a designated hypo treatment and amount. The best is gluco tabs, but you can also measure out certain amounts of sweets into small bags to not over-eat.

- Know your doses well. You either have the choice of doing a bit less and not having to catch it on the other side, or do a bit more and then have to catch it with some extra carbs an hour or so later.

This video explains how emotions can impact your control and how to manage them to reduce that impact and get more balanced blood sugars.

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