Hypos: How to stop eating your whole kitchen while treating hypos

Have you ever caught yourself eating the whole kitchen in euphoria during a low blood sugar? We have all been there, we’ve all done it.

Treating your hypos correctly can help you manage you blood sugar better, not sky-rocket up after hypos and manage your weight better. The food you eat to treat your hypos is the key to not over treat you hypo.

When you learn to do it better you will reap the benefits such as:

  • better glycemic control

  • lower A1Cs

  • no diabetic swings, no blood sugars going up and down after over-correcting

  • less calorie consumption on foods you don’t really want and more space for the ones you desire

  • feeling better very fast after a hypo, instead of waiting for ages for the BG to come up

  • better control over your body weight

  • better, more stable mood

The video below explains how to treat your blood sugars correctly and avoid skiing afterwards. It gives you tools to keep your blood sugars in range!

Hypo treat suggestions: glucose tabs, glucose juice, juice, skimmed milk, some dry fruit (not all of it is good), jelly babies (not the best).

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