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T1Level is a Type 1 diabetes blog that was created to help Type 1's find balance and live their lives to the full, whilst managing their blood sugars, eating the foods they love and doing the things they want to do in life. At T1Level, our aim is to get every T1D to feel confident in themselves and never let diabetes stop them from achieving their goals. 


T1Level is a place for T1Ds to get tools to manage their blood sugars better, understand what affects their glucose levels and how they can manage that.


T1Level offers a collection of resources, such as sugar-free recipe books,

type 1 blog articles and glucose management cheat sheets. We also offer absolutely free short calls to help you get to a better place with your management.  


We believe that diabetes is unique for every one of us, but we can all find a way to take control of it. T1Level incorporates 4 pillars of control into all its work: nutrition, medication, fitness and emotional wellbeing. We believe, that by tackling these 4 aspects of life we can truly live and thrive with Type 1. 


My Name is Daria

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for over 16 years. I grew up with diabetes and have been through it all: burn out, diabetes rejection, crazy blood sugar roller coasters and unconscious lows. Understanding nutrition, a mind-set shift, smart fitness and a few management tweaks guided me to where I am now: in absolute control of my blood sugars.


I believe that diabetes cannot stop us from anything in life, and my goal today is to support and inspire other T1Ds to go out there and live their lives to the full, all whilst keeping their blood sugars under control. 

The understanding of nutrition choices and physical activity have made the biggest difference to my A1C, but also improved the quality of my life. All my work aims to help you learn how to make the right decisions about food and fitness and create a happy and healthy lifestyle that you love and want to live.   


Managing blood sugars is much easier when they are in range, and it can be done with some simple basic strategies. Those strategies take some effort to implement, but I can help you do that. I want to give back to the Type 1 community and am available for absolutely free support calls to help you figure out your blood sugars.

I want to help every single T1D struggling to get better at their control and find peace with their Type 1. Believe me: IT IS POSSIBLE!

I am a MSc Nutrition student at the moment and will soon be qualified to help you with your nutrition struggles too.

T1Level - Getting BGs into Range

T1Level is here to support you and help you find a balance in your life through small simple modifications to your lifestyle. We work around the 4 pillars of T1D control: nutrition, movement, medication and emotional wellbeing to help you introduce habits into your life that will make blood glucose control effortless and allow you to live your life to the full. 

How T1Level Can Help 

Balance In Baking Recipe E-books

This dessert recipe e-book series was created to help T1Ds eat dessert every day and not struggle with the challenges of managing blood sugars after.


All the recipes are a perfect balance of macronutrients, are incredibly deliciously and do not cause problems with blood sugar management, as they are all sugar-free and high in protein. 


Each volume of the recipe book consists of 12-15 carb-counted dessert recipes, that do not make blood sugars go crazy. Each recipe includes a bolus strategy suggestion to help you decide how to best manage your meal. 

You can get your copies of these E-books in the Shop section today.


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